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Museum in the "Alten Kornbrennerei"

The museum is located in Sundern, near the Johanneskirche, and is ideal as a small detour, e.g. Thursdays as a nice addition to the weekly market from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or Sundays as an excursion (family outing) from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The following exhibitions are available:

Röhrtalbahn, dental practice (from 1923), small care products, shoemaker exhibition, office and stationery exhibition, master exhibition, machine exhibition, and the highlight: the Maybaum equipment exhibition.

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Museum in the "Alten Schmitte"

In 1896 Franz Miederhoff founded a small smithy in Endorf. In 1987 the company changed its previous location in Endorf to Sundern. The previous company building was initially empty.

The basis of today's museum was the existing objects, which were collated on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Endorf in 1992.


A museum worth seeing has emerged over the decades. You can also see Miederhoff's more than 100 years of company history there.


The museum Dampf-Land-Leute in Eslohe

The museum houses an extensive collection and exhibition of old village crafts from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, as were common in the Sauerland. Some of them have disappeared in the course of technical development and further development of the living conditions of the population or have sought new areas of activity and tasks. Others have followed technological advances, have continued to develop and, in the present and in the future, form a healthy basis for the craft to supply the population.

The "Besucherbergwerk Ramsbeck"

The visitor mine in Sauerland provides a comprehensive insight into ore mining in the Sauerland.
It shows not only technical, but also extensive mineralogical and historical collection items.
Our exhibitions and the original underground visitor mine provide visitors with an insight into the world of mining.

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The Luisenhütte in Wocklum

On the edge of the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge nature park, the historical roots of the hut technology of the neighboring Ruhr area can be experienced. In Balve-Wocklum, in the middle of an untouched paradise for hikers and Nordic walkers, a blast furnace system operated with hydropower and charcoal has been preserved. A complete steel ensemble with iron foundry and surroundings can be viewed here, unique to Germany. In 2004 the Luisenhütte Wocklum was therefore declared a monument of national importance.

After two years of restoration, the Luisenhütte opened the doors to visitors again in 2006. Today it is a modern, visitor-oriented experience museum. The museum vividly shows, including all the senses, how iron was manufactured and processed into cast products in the Luisenhütte. On the Möllerboden, visitors lift wheelbarrows loaded with iron ore, charcoal and limestone themselves. On the open furnace face, the tapping of the pig iron is effectively simulated with a light staging. In the blower house, the waterwheel with the piston blowers and the blower steam engine can be started up noisily.

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