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Motorcycle Trips through the sauerland

The Sauerland is one of the most beautiful areas for the landscape-loving motorcyclist. The region has a variety of challenging and varied routes combined with interesting sights and a biker-friendly gastronomy. We recommend the Sauerland Road Book for your tours. Pleasure biking and cruising in a beautiful landscape, get to know the Sauerland, stop off and socialize with like-minded people and come home safely and safely. Under these guidelines, the tours lead through the varied landscape of the Sauerland. These include the beautiful reservoirs, large forest areas, winding mountain routes, wide views, small half-timbered villages and also a few town crossings in denser settlement areas. There are plenty of places to stop and interesting things to discover along the way.

We have selected three tours that lead directly past the Hotel Gut Funkenhof, or as a starting and finishing point.


Three lakes tour:

The tour leads along the three Sauerland reservoirs: Hennesee, Sorpesee and Möhnesee

Details and map


Through the homert:

The tour "Through the Homert" leads through Eslohe, Finnentrop, Sundern, Balve and Arnsberg. The tour has a lot of nice bends. Beginners should approach the route with caution!

Details and map


On the trail of the "Fickeltünnes" - the west route:

A great day tour that leads through the villages of Eslohe, Schmallenberg, Lennestadt, Sundern (past the Fickeltünnes in Allendorf), Balve, Hemer, Menden, Wickede and Arnsberg.

Details and map


Fascinating motorcycling in the Sauerland means traveling and cruising instead of turf, as well as a sensible driving style with adjusted volume. If you want to race, you should be on the famous race tracks and not in the Sauerland!