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Sauerland lakes

The Sauerland Lakes are leisure havens, energy suppliers and vital drinking water storage tanks for millions of people. Therefore: Welcome to a very clean thing. All large Sauerland lakes are not of natural origin, but are so-called dams. Huge dams or dams hold up the water of the rivers, dam it and thus form the lakes.


Our Funkenhof estate is centrally located in the middle of four of the best-known reservoirs.


West - Sorpesee:

Distance 12 km - With the promenade in Sundern-Langscheid and Sundern-Amecke, the Mediterranean lifestyle moves into the Auerland.

to Sorpesee                                                                    


North - Möhnesee:

distance 25 km - It is also called the "Westphalian Sea" and is the largest dam in the Sauerland area. The 40-meter-high dam, which is over 100 years old, is impressive and historically appealing.

to Möhnesee                                                                   


East - Hennesee:

Distance 15 km - The smallest and cosiest of the four reservoirs. It is worth taking a walk right on the water and visiting the 333-step sky staircase.

to Hennesee                                                                  


South - Biggesee:

distance 40 km - Derr See winds from Attendorn to Olpe. The highlight is the "Biggeblick" viewing platform near Attendorn.

to Biggesee